Who can fix my trunk latch. I had remembered locking it so was baffled Re: Trunk Latch Step 1: Remove interior trim on inside of trunk around latch It's a tricky mechanism, I broke one of the plastic clips that hold the lock rod onto the latch and had to buy a new one KHLOW2008 The trunk itself has never popped all the way open on its own, but I’ve had several instances where, after driving somewhere, I’ll notice the trunk had unlocked itself and slightly but noticeably open Being my first, it took about 6hrs #15 · Jun 16, 2012 Seek *hands-on* assistance from qualifying personnel To close the trunk lid, lightly press the trunk lid down until the latch engag the latch is the part that closes around the door striker plate bolt to keep the door closed There may be a toolkit or tire-changing tool set under the trunk floor W140 trunk latch stuck open Bummed and stuck with them Bummed and stuck with them Trunk striker misaligned Check the latch for damage EXPERT When a striker is misaligned, this will cause the latch to miss the striker and result in a trunk closing problem Cars included in the recall: 2016 – 2018 Kia Forte When the car was nearly out of warranty, the trunk latch began to malfunction Originally Posted by Ironhorsepilot When it fails again, my valuables will be trapped until it can be repaired All of them are Will ship worldwide As this is just a signal, it may be anything up to 12v, so your 0 Step 3: Remove the actuator cables and any electrical connectors IIRC, it's just a little cable snaking back from the handle by the driver's seat to the actual latch in the trunk door -- purely mechanical Only show this user DETROIT -- Hyundai and Kia are recalling more than 600,000 vehicles in the U Loosen the fasteners and adjust the latch upward, then tighten There are 2 trim screw that need to be popped out first Latch assembly has an internal failure Parts Cost Or, you can repair it yourself in 10 minutes 2008 toyota Tundra Unless it’s stuck Hello, The latch assembly for nearly every vehicle will not be serviceable, so replacement would be the option 221 Well about 6 months ago the trunk latch on my 00 LS started acting spotty, sometimes it would open, sometimes not How do you fix a trunk lock actuator? Part 1 of 2: Disconnecting the old trunk lock actuator Materials Needed I then put a "Z" bend in the broken solenoid linkage, trying not to make the linkage any shorter than necessary Second May 2015 was while I was on a road trip “Nic’s Beverly Hills spends hours searching and choosing 10 Best Trunk Latch Repair for you Bring the latch to a junk yard, some other Acura or Honda models might be interchangeable step 2: Installing the Trunk Latch (2:47) Feed the latch rod into the trunk Step 3 – Replace the trunk latch But after an afternoon of fiddling with it, trunk button works perfectly! 2000 MT RED 84k mi, daily driver Fortunately, you can solve this issue – or prevent it from occurring – by disconnecting the power supply to your trunk/ switch release Sometimes all you had to do was drive it around and it would come loose The only real permanent solution is to replace the trunk latch with the redesigned latch The area in question is where the plastic trim button lives The trunk is held closed by a metal finger that catches a matching metal bump on top of the hook; when you press the trunk release, a solenoid withdraws the finger and allows the hook to rotate out of the way (that's the best way I can describe these parts- it makes more sense if you inspect the latch) 4,993 Posts So I shut it and then went to see if the lock mechanism was working and low and behold, it had popped out of the trunk These clamps hold the cable in place and prevent the cable from rattling around inside the door Attach the lock cable removed the black plastic surround on the latch that peels back and unfolds around the latch, and finally see aforementioned weasel's spring languishing In older cars, latches would get frozen stuck all the time My trunk latch broke again last Friday, Feb 9 Either disconnected at one end or the other, or something's mechanically wrong with the latch You should check to make sure the emergency trunk release or trunk unlock switch inside are not sticking and causing it to remain in the unlocked position If the latch is bad, you have to replace it Share Owners may contact Hyundai customer service at 1-855-371 Crawl into the trunk and locate the locking mechanism holding the trunk closed Hyundai and Kia are recalling more than 600,000 vehicles in the U Customer Ratings ( 72) Included for free with this service Online Booking Mechanic comes to you 12-month / 12k-mile warranty Free 50 point safety inspection Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM S If there is a dent in your trunk, the latch my not be able to align properly Boardwalk Maserati said: There is a service bulletin related to just this issue Chuzz 2 remove the latch from the trunk lid using a 10mm socket wrench on the two nuts Broken Trunk Lock Shop 1988 subaru DL/GL/GL10/RS/RX Trunk Lock Actuator Motor (Bright) 11 Posts the other night at work went to get into car unlocked door and pulled trunk release handle and alarm went off and i couldnt get it to quit finally quit long enough to drive it home got home hit trunk release and it started again ended up disconnecting battery Make sure the washer spins freely when done Trunk not closing Line up the trunk latch You can loosen them and move it up which for me solved that There is an issue with the trunk latch They are easy to locate I decided that I would try to see what the issue was with the fob release to see if I could fix it myself Bought June 2013 with 450 miles Now lower the hood until it sits -Remove side door sill trim on front and rear, -removing bottom rear seat Car is otherwise straight The rear deck interior trim is removed to expose the area to the right of the striker/latch Campaign 154 Answer Adjusting your own trunk latch can be an easy way to restore proper functioning of your trunk lid Start by loosening all the bolts that hold the latch mechanism to the radiator core support, and see if the latch is adjustable The other for the electric release When my wife's Focus did this it was a mis-alignment issue with the trunk and the latch However, in cases where the lock assembly has failed or has become stuck closed, your best bet will be to have a certified mechanic - such as one from YourMechanic - replace the latch for you Car A simple DIY th A little more information on your bike would help as well as any pictures that you could provide If you can't find a replacement from stores, try the dealer and junk yards Trunk won't open with the lever next to the driver seat and won't open with the key fob either Now, I carefully put on some cotton gloves and removed the door handle cable retainer clamps as shown Now another possibility why your trunk opens by itself is a defective latch 5K miles, which makes it impossible to open the trunk A couple pieces of scrap steel, and some basic tools did the trick Joined Oct 24, 2009 I entered through the trunk trim, removing the plastic molding to expose panel access Great working condition, each measures 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" wide, good quality Corbin product, rugged and sturdy Also, if slamming the trunk hard works Close the trunk ROLLOVER WARNING Utility vehicles have a significantly higher rollover rate than Supposing it is faulty, you will have to change the whole lid switch What You Should Do: Dealers will replace the trunk latch base, free of charge Pressing the unlock button on your car door should open every lock on your car 567 Posts There are loops so you can add a padlock if needed Doesn't look stock, but doesn't look Open the right rear door, flip the seat base forward and remove the trim panel that is sandwiched between the right seat back and the door jamb All they had to do was realign things and it was fine (and a lot less than $200) 2013 MCA Convertible, automatic - Revelare Designs cowl hood, Hellion single turbo Instant Quotes And Costs On Trunk Latch Replacement Services | Fiix Professional Auto Repair Wrench and Fiix offer Roadside Assistance and Towing throughout the United States: (866) 335-0761 Trunk Latch Replacement At Your Office 1,000+ 5-Star Reviews · Professional Technicians · Premium Aftermarket & OEM Parts For A Trunk Latch Replacement This is just a temporary solution if your trunk won't latch 6 More Images Fortunately, you can solve this issue – or prevent it from occurring – by disconnecting the power supply to your trunk/ switch release #3 · Jul 28, 2016 My lid now closes under it's own weight Unplug it and let it hang there To do this, simply install the redesigned latch in the reverse order that you removed the old latch B- $5-jerry-rig with drill & new nut/bolts Owner notification letters were mailed December 4, 2021 Remove the latch and check for a broken spring which menas you might be able to salvage it by replacing the spring If necessary, use a soft brush to clean away dust and small pieces of litter 01v may be correct The trunk won't pop open - most of the time I, like most people, just resorted to using the key to open, but that became cumbersome after a while because I actually use the trunk a lot Also, if it is to tight you are over compressing the gasket and over time it will take a set and you will then have a leaking trunk door The green wire loom is the one that leads to the trunk switch After having to replace the latch mechanism because the repair on the old one broke again, my trunk lid wouldn't latch Remove the liner from the car and set it aside I pulled out slightly on the trunk lid and it has been working like a charm ever since You'll be able to close it and drive like that until you'll be ready to fix it Otherwise, take your car to a A push and not repeated hard slams are required! You are compressing the door seal gasket Examine the latch and the area where it connects to the body of the car The trunk latch is broken Trunk Latch Fix 27K on 8-1-2017 A washer is added to that location and trim reinstalled I need to get to the trunk to remove the latch but can't put my rear seats do read more Examine the latch on both the trunk lid and the frame of the car, and remove any debris that may be present in those areas This is my FOURTH trunk latch break It was opening with my latch next to the driver seat If a push does not close the door, then it is to tight I would pull the switch in the door panel, then get out to open the trunk, and it wouldn't open I did discover that the key fob drives a motor which turns a gear, which in turn pushes a latch which opens the trunk You can solve this problem by replacing the whole latch assembly That was my first mistake step 1: Removing the Trunk Latch (0:20) Open the trunk You Purchasing the right Trunk Latch Repair can be a dauting task Hopefully you won’t get yourself in this situation however it’s nice to know how to get it fixed without having to go to your local mechanic Step 2: Remove the plastic cover and the trunk liner Remove this cable the same way you did the last one -removing side cushion trim The trunk latch on my 2017 Hyundai Sonata failed after 13 If anyone is interested in a low budget LT trunk latch repair, I just finished one and am very confident in it's durability 5 plastic tabs kept that original piece attached; but opted to affix only 2 new bolts The belt connects to the motor in the front loader washers Labour Cost Re-assemble back on to the trunk lid, test it before you close the trunk! remove the latch from the trunk lid using a 10mm socket wrench on the two nuts I have all the service invoices My 2004 had latch problems since new - pull the lever and you could feel that there was tension in the cable, but not enough to get the latch to open the trunk I contacted Hyundai & they basically told me I can't remember if the trunk cable runs on the floor board or on the door sills As far as I understand it, there is a switch in the latch that tells the computer when the trunk is open ” Top 10 Best Trunk Latch Repair Reviews of May (*10*) Trunk locks keep the trunk or tailgate of a car locked for protection I have had it to the dealer a couple times Dealer fixed it but says this is a common defect & that there is no way to open trunk manually from the inside Step 1: Access the trunk and locate the trunk lock actuator It was still there, but just hanging! Or, you can repair it yourself in 10 minutes 4 First, welcome to the forum Bob You can pop the dent out yourself if you have the right tools Had to pry a little at the trunk metal to get the socket in here Check for trunk damage Trunk locks keep the trunk or tailgate of a car locked for protection All you have to do is open one door, open the car, and use the manual trunk unlock or unlock the entire car For most vehicles, once the vehicle is open, you will be able to recover keys locked in the trunk i washed my key fob wirh remote but i have a regular key also so i have been using the regular key no problem We do a research so You don’t have to Disconnect it using the quick-disconnect: The green wire loom terminates into a grommet The button under the dash is better than the fob, but both often require that you kind of grab the edge of the trunk and apply a little upward pressure for the trunk to open Remove the plastic trim panel in the trunk that covers the lower latch (pulls up) After some investigation, I adjusted the receiver loop up (star bolts) and it was once again normal August 15, 2021 — A Hyundai trunk latch recall has been announced for more than 363,000 vehicles because people could get trapped in the trunks without access to working internal emergency okay here is the story Cars included in the recall: 2016 – 2018 Kia Forte Fox Business Flash top headlines for August 13 I have solved the problem by using nothing more than a screwdriver, or a Bic Biro ball-point pen It has had a new latch, readjustment, etc Trunk Latch Replacement Service & Cost Trunk Latch Replacement at your home or office Bonus! More About The Volvo S60 My trunk was not opening with my fob key Nothing works Furthermore, you can add some lubricant to the problem area Screw back the lid switch with the new fuse, and close the lid The Volvo S60 is a compact luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by Volvo since 2000 and is now in its third generation The solution involves tricking the latch into thinking it has a hold on the trunk catch loop #nissan #infinity I've got some new info to share Let's commence our content with the cleaning of the air conditioning circuit of your Jeep Patriot Pull the trunk liner off the trunk and (right now) when it does, the sensor in the car still *thinks* it's open, so my dash display shows the diagram of the car with the flashing trunk INSTEAD of my gas mileage remaining, etc (extremely annoying!) anyone know how to turn off this "your trunk is open" notification, for now, untiL i can fix my 1 Damage to the latch can prevent the trunk from closing properly You can open your trunk with the interior driver-side button, the button on the trunk lid, your remote, or your key The main components of these locks are the traditional cylinder and striker: the cylinder holds the tumblers and other mechanisms necessary to unlock the trunk, while the striker includes the latch that actually holds the trunk shut when locked Body, Interior, Replace Step 3 If the latch appears bent or broken, it should be casey40510 on June 02, 2017 Otherwise, take your car to a repair shop Save If this is the case, contact your vehicle's manufacturer or a local garage to find a replacement if the elements cannot be A Defective Drive Belt The first was March 2014 (about 6 months old), warranty fix same day Genuine toyota Part - 5355042020 (53550-42020) ONE PAIR OF VINTAGE CORBIN Draw Bolt Latch for Tool Box Tool Chest Steamer Trunk Foot Locker I noticed my trunk was not shut tight Lower the back seats that are blocking the opening of the truck Push this out: Locate the 4 10mm nuts holding the trunk switch into the trunk I’ve been having a bit of an issue with my 2001 Camry’s trunk where the latch will release on its own Quick way to solve this problem! 2 Warranty repaired (during the trip) while I waited I've had and fixed saddlebag latch issues on both my GL1500's, so might be able to help easier when knowing what the true issue might be There is a bunch of snaps that just pull out with a little force Either of these might have become bent out of shape or damaged in some other way if the trunk has been shut with an obstruction in the way Check for latch damage The cost of a Trunk Latch Replacement depends on the type of car you drive because damage to the trunk latches can stop them from being opened from the inside Kingdom934 said: Actually you might be able get by just removing the lower seat while removing the side cushion trim My trunk sometimes does not latch At Fiix, our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have and can save you time and money simply by coming to your office or location to perform the service If your trunk fails to latch when you close it, it could be the receiver I've now taken it to the dealer 9 times, and I've also been talking I moved the pen into the latch (as if it were the trunk loop) and pushed the latch through the range of motion (I had them install a trailer hitch I suppose something could be binding in the cable run, too, but seems unlikely -- that's a pretty protected run A whirlpool washing machine that uses a drive belt will not spin if the drive belt is defective Next Step Schedule Trunk Latch Replacement Can AAA unlock my trunk? AAA/Roadside Assistance I then took the car to the KIA dealership to have them fix it Step 5: Get the Latch Assembly Out of the Door Frame Open the trunk latch by inserting the tip of a screwdriver into the opening nearest the lower edge of the mechanism Davie B said: Earlier last month my trunk latch stopped working, I went and purchased a new trunk latch on to have the same problem occur 2011 RT-S SM5 - Black my left corner broke off, I purchased the "fix it before it breaks" kit and installed it which lined everything up in the right position, then epoxed with some small sheet metal prices in the glue for reinforcement, lubricated everything well, less friction and push down lightly on the lid when closing and has been OK for a year 773 Posts S60 2002 Trunk Latch – Info on Fixing Remove the trunk liner, and put it into a safe place One is for the manual release · Attach the z bent linkage to the small hole in the washer and the emergency cable to the trunk latch You will also see another cable coming from the trunk lid key lock to the latch assembly When I checked my car, sure enough the cable for my electric release separated from the connection to the latch Third was October 2015 I think someone heavy either leaned on my trunk lid or it got pushed in slightly somehow OPTIONS--- Time to take it a few steps better than temporary—for now With the trunk open, close the latch, as if the trunk is Farkles - DIY Trunk Break Light, HMT Break Light, DIY Mirror Turn Signal Lights, DIY Which happens a lot with CR-Vs following cold weather I had to stand next to the trunk with the key remote in hand and press that button to open the trunk The issue has been mostly After getting home from a ride on Sat because damage to the trunk latches can stop them from being opened from the What you need to determine is whether this goes from zero to a voltage when the latch is opened Insert the two 10mm bolts into the trunk latch The recall covers certain 2016 Heat can damage the latches, leaving the trunk stuck in the closed position and rendering the emergency release inside the trunk inoperable Latch and Actuator Tailgate (Rear Release, DOOR, Gate -OEM subaru Part # 60320AC001 (60320AC000) Toggle navigation Hood Latch Carefully start to pry the trim panel upwards, a trim removal tool (one that looks like a screwdriver) helps Then it just stopped working altogether On the latch assembly, you will see an electric plug going into it Mine got pushed down somehow, causing a temporarily inexplicably-non-latching trunk when I got my 850 back from u-Haul #2 · Dec 13, 2021 Discussion Starter · #1 · May 4, 2010 (Edited) Only show this user If you never work on cars it's best to let a professional work on it for the reason that you may break a delicate part and its going to ending up costing more for the repair The dealership fixed it on their own during a service visit (I had forgotten about it and just used the key to open it) Perhaps there is a damage or breakage to it, which is Plug in the electrical connector then fasten the latch to the trunk lid So I decided to try and fix the problem The trunk can sometimes get jammed, but applying gentle pressure should fix the problem The trunk latch is part of a KIA recall, to my surprise the The screws holding the latch have a little play on the holes in the latch Remove the 13 push clips from the trunk liner with a clip tool My car has non-power liftgate If so, remove the mechanism ) Hmm If you remove the 2 phillips head screws from the plastic cover to the rear trunk latch you will see two wires connected to the latch These are some of the most common problems why a trunk won't close The only latch sensor is the built-in switch that illuminates the "trunk ajar" light Click to see full answer My striker had worn an indentation in the \