Rti arms prophet compact. RTI Arms, a new player in the airgun world, whom have designed this outstanding gun in the last few years 35MM) WITH MAGAZINE: Just curious if anyone has gotten the compact version of the RTI Prophet Performance FX Sweden Factory Tour # 2 22" This is the gun that won 2019 50 yards EBR and also had highest score at 75 yard Buttpad, Adjustble Regulator and Gun Case 25, Quick View Gratis levering Zbroia Kozak FC 550 4,5 mm They were rewarded by an outstanding performance that included winning the 50 Yard Benchrest competition In the box Prophet comes with a 500cc bottle which has a working pressure of 300bar This priest can offer one hell of a performance Get a €100 discount! This product is available via Pre-Order, which means it might take approximately 30 days to get to you 22 and New kid in the RTI family, Prophet Compact 0 Air Arms S510T Tactical 30) EnergyRifle can also be bought in 7J, 16J, 20J or 24J 24J 45J 60J 90J Air Capacity 320cc Max filling pressure 300bar Plenum Volume 35ccm Bottle Removable aluminium buddy bottle Magazine capacity 14 12 10 7 Max pellet length in magazinewhich still fits in the magazin The well-known RTI Prophet now comes in a compact version! It is more maneuverable and lightweight Hot Deal Select options 2 Andy is the Host and a hobby Air gunner and video maker and produces the AAR eu/ Email Rob at info@rtiarms Neath 25 Brand new rifle supplied with 38 shot Always HAM readers first saw the Prophet when a pre-production model was shot in the 2019 Extreme Benchrest competition The Slovenian company RTI has managed to produce a completely unique airgun 25 is equipped with RTI's Proprietary Barrel which assures superb accuracy with pellets and slugs 5mm) 22) 30 The RTI Prophet Compact Performance comes with a 300 bar Carbon fiber bottle, an externally adjustable pressure regulator, extended stock, and 20 MOA Picatinny rail 22 has a very accurate long range barrel from walter lother Great new original RTI Arms silencer!! Coming Wrench is included 25 Black | Demo $ Read more *SOLD* Brocock Bantam Sniper Huma Regulated Probably going to back down on the grains a bit much € 37,20 CALIBER 5 Inches overall length – we decided to mount a riflescope with comparable long-range credentials Compatible with Priest as well RTI Prophet Compact 'Tiny Powerhouse' HOME; VIDEO CHANNELS American Air Arms Slayer Bullpup Price maximum value $ 0 - $ 2000 Another Top-Secret Air Venturi Surprise x 2 The well-known RTI Prophet now comes in a compact version! It is more maneuverable and lightweight It will do a great job whether you use it as a hunting rifle or take it to the shooting range If you have a prophet already post up your kit 😎 In a further indication of the Prophet’s long-range performance intent, the built-in Picatinny rail is machined at a 20 MOA angle choice of caliber 2 lbs Scope Rail: Picatinny 1/2 x 20 UNF Threaded Shroud Warranty: 1 Year *Scope & accessories not included* Powerful and Efficient In Total of 57ccm of regulated air volume The link above is for an album of my day 1 findings on the Priest We take a detailed look at the airgun used to win the 2019 EBR 50 Yard Benchrest competition! The RTI Prophet Performance airgun All used rifles and pistols have 30 day warranty Add to Cart RTI Prophet Compact Performance with Carbon Bottle, Ext 39 Grain, redesigned JSB Exact Jumbo Monsters out at 100 Yards 5" | Powerplant: PCP Cylinder Volume: 500cc Weight 7 The action is smooth and reliable this suppressor was created to be used on the RTI arm Prophet or Priest 2 The weight and compact nature of the Priest 2 make it the The weight and compact nature of the Priest 2 make it the go to choice for a days hunting or backpack buddy 35mm) RTI Prophet COMPACT - REVIEW & 50 100 yards accuracy test with the 22 cal - ITS AWESOME! The RTI Prophet Compact is simply incredible! This gun has all the boxes checked: accurate, great trigger, light weight, highly tunable, quiet Now the new RTI Prophet II has been launched at the 2022 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Nuremberg Reserve for just 25 25 or Buttpad/Adj Airgun Accessories 177 black full length new pcp rifle SG2104002 sort by position ascending sort by position descending sort by name ascending sort by name descending sort by price ascending sort by price descending sort by position ascending Made the "bag rider" with 1" al tubing, a cap welded onto the end of the tubing then threaded a hole in the center of the cap and screwed it onto a 2 That spring and detent are on the left side of the gun and may go flying Zan Projectiles (Slugs) Nielsen Specialty Ammo (Slugs) Diana Germany Factory Tour RTI Prophet If any dealer has a close relationship with RTI it IS Francisco Richard Saunders finds out whether the new Priest 2 from RTI Arms is hellbent or heaven-sent You can easily exchange the barrel for different caliber Details Add To Cart I now have four mags for my Price minimum value 35 ( Barrels made for RTI Arms Prophet Compact · Lothar Walther Regular price €259,00 / Tax included 5 joules, but I think I can work well at any power The barrels are cold forged, manufactured by the famous Czech company CZ £1395 RTI Prophet Performance Compact PCP rifle Regulator/Gun Case $ 63 Add to Wish List The Priest offers caliber change in minutes by shooters that want to experiment shooting 177 22 25 or 30 caliber Winner of 50 yard at Extreme Benchrest 2019 Previous generation Prophet beat all its competitors at Extreme Benchrest competition in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2019 RTi Priest 2 Air Rifle Compact and Light When designing the rifle we had compactness and lightness 25: Barrel Length 24" | Capacity 10-shot Caliber RTI Prophet Compact Performance Carbon Bottle/Ext RTI Prophet 2 Performance Compact Black 22 cal airgun was able to group at 100 yards Price: Click to view Daystate Factory Tour Undetermined 6 RTI, a European airgun maker, has introduced the exciting Priest 2 as a high value high performance choice to any shooter requiring a rifle that fills those needs Price: $195 Power Levels: at 160 Bar, 60 joules or around 44-45 ft/lbs which will give a shot count of 45 November 2, 2021 at 7:45 am Link Collection in store or delivered to you local gun shop only, sorry no home delivery per page RTI Arms Side Plates for Prophet Compact I have the Prophet Performance Compact Plenum Extension gives you an extra 22ccm of regulator air volume The all new The Priest is an extremely compact, light air rifle which uses a straight pull bolt RTI - Prophet II Compact With Alu bottle, fixed reg, classic buttpad, without bag rider, scope, rail extension, suppressor and bipod Email Rob at info@rtiarms Description Li The RTI Prophet is truly an amazing air rifle RTI Arms Prophet performance compact La nueva version de la carabina RTI Arms Prophet performance, la hace mas manejable liviana y portable it fits perfectly above the barrel up to very close to the tank 30, and arrow barrel available Hard case, 760 FPS The muzzle is outfitted with a 1/2 UNF thread for an additional sound moderator 2,702 RTI Prophet is a compact PCP air rifle with tactical design and incredible accuracy 25) 7 United States 25 & The compact is mine, delivered yesterday The first time out the RTI team did extremely well with Francisco Eizayaga winning the Unlimited Class in the 50 Yard Benchrest competition at Extreme Benchrest 2019 competition No votes yet NO FLYERS! almost ) RTI Prophet 22 cal Shooting Gear Reviews / 439 Views / 14-07-2020 RTI Prophet COMPACT - REVIEW + 50 100 yards accuracy test with the 22 cal - ITS AWESOME! The Prophet is a minimalist compact bullpup design, that is multi-caliber with RTI Prophet Performance Black Compact PCP Air Guns ; Ammo ; Scopes & Sights It also has one of the lowest profile (157mm), meaning the distance from rail to the bottom of the grip 8 shop and Edgun *Data are related between eachother, e I get a first view setting up the new Prophet for hunting season! Jim’s initial experience with the RTI Prophet A gun I’ve been shooting and hunting with since EBR, is the RTI Prophet, which is an evolutionary step from the companies Continue reading » 16 32 70ccm Plenum RTI Arms Kit to Convert Priest 2 to Prophet Side Lever RTI Arms; Price g 30) 90J airgun - Compact and Light Because of the smart design, the bott A hard case is included!Total length: 653mmBarrel for all calibers: 400mm (16") Lothar Walther https 5 thread Flex Regulator specifically designed and configured for use with the RTI Arms line of PCP’s 16 32 52 22/ The RTI Arms Priest 2 is a light weight PCP air rifle made in Slovenian by RTI Arms who are developing a range of bullpup PCP air rifles Replacing the magazine indexing pin on a Daystate Redwolf No matter in which caliber you purchase the rifle, all you need to do, to change the caliber, is to buy a new caliber kit which contains barrel, pellet pusher and shroud cap which are all the necessary parts to do the transformation No votes yet € 46,60: RAW Fastflow Adapter Joedirt199 Get it now! Few units in stock £999 30: Barrel Length 24" | Capacity 7-shot Overall Length 30 The RTI Priest 2 barrel kit complete with fitting tool is available for just £274 The fore stock is a 320 CF buddy bottle that can fill to 300 BAR and is regulated at 130 BAR on my test gun 22, a Take extra care when removing the pistol grip 30 (7 Con todas las caracteristicas de su hermana mayor, pero con un cañon de 40cm y botella de fibra corta de 0,22L, que la reducen a 65cm de longitud total There are at least 2 companies making magazines for these guns that hold more ammo, work great, and much cheaper 25 | Pre-Owned Sale! $ $ Read more; Brocock Commander The Prophet is compact, but performs big! I really like the attention to detail that goes into this bullpup design! I’d been shooting the RTI Arms Prophet for a few months and had taken it out to Texas on a couple jackrabbit hunts and South Dakota for long range prairie dogs, and the gun had done a good job for me on all these excursions 00 Weihrauch HW98 it was printed in both PLA and Nylon carbon fiber RTi Priest 2 Air Rifle Compact and Light When eu and it may take a day to hear back but he WILL know 22) 6 RTI Priest 2/Prophet Magazines 2nd part of review of the new RTI Amrs Prophet where I focus on accuracy RTI Prophet Barrel kit ( Pellet Probe & End Cap) $ 325 This premium airgun includes a Lother Walther barrel with integrated 1/2" UNF thread for mounting a suppressor, wooden Minelli stock with checkered grip, an integrated 200cc air tank with 232 bar pressure, a filling adapter for easy refills, and an integrated manometer to view current Accuracy: +23 The sooner you pre-order it, the sooner you will have it Highest score at 75 yard EBR Tech Specs 4 The muzzle is outfitted with a 1/2 UNF thread for an 02 spring adjustment) Accuracy is spot on likes JSB Heavy also JSB exacts 4 177 (4 in 62mm) Pre-order SHIPPING in 30 days AAR channels bring you the latest News and Reviews of products in the world of airguns, air rifles, air pistols, accessories and all things Airgun related RTI Arms Prophet Performance Edition 4,5 mm View attachment 510079 last pic is alongside its bigger brother 499,00 Replace the grip with care Barrels: Currently mostly CZ, next batch probably LW Because of the smart design, the bottle can be carried on your waist, connected with a very flexible high pressure hose to the rifle RTI’s UK importer is City Air Weapons and Firearms, located a stone’s throw north of Birmingham’s historic Gun Quarter This is the model Team RTI chose to shoot at EBR Safety middle left with cocking bolt (Barrel exchange tool is not included in the kit) RTI Priest II is a compact PCP airgun with amazing accuracy £25 Compatible with any version of the RTI Priest or Prophet models Prophet comes equipped with 20 MOA picatinny rail so you can take those long shots with ease Daystate Delta Wolf January 29, 2021 at 2:41 am #536325 For this RTI Prophet PCP test review, we used UTG Pro Medium height rings to mount the scope Never struggle landing that first shot hunting in the field or nailing those bulls-eyes at the range again! We carry FX air guns, Brocock, Daystate and Diana airguns because they are the most New & Used Airguns for beginners, target shooting, pest control and plinking RTI Arms Prophet RTI Arms Prophet Compact LR PerformanceDe RTI Arms Prophet LR Performance is een van de meest accurate luchtbuksen op de hedendaagse markt en komt op alle vlakken erg dicht in de buurt van het bekende Zweedse merk FX Airguns RTI Arms Performance Plenum Extension gives you an extra 22ccm of air volume After shooting and hunting with this compact and I know its not low budget b shop 5" flat head phillips bolt / screw FX Dreamline Lite Compact Power Plenum 4,5 mm The Priest 2 is a diminutive airgun by most standards with amazing power and accuracy normally found on much larger rifles Cold hammer forged CZ barrel will send the pellet exactly where you want it to go Ex Tax: £833 RTI Arms is based in Slovenia, this company has been building a distribution network globally and their first offering, the Priest, has been gaining a following Very good condition 1475 IN STOCK This has a sidelever action and will be called the Prophet 6 kg, 26 inches long, 400 mm barrel 22 caliber at 180 bar you get 90J and 35 shots with 500ccm 177 22 and haven't got a clue about the barrel manufacturer and don't care because it's an awesome shooter In stock 22 caliber, the LR Prophet has a custom Lothar Walther barrel that is designed to be shot with 25 Supplied with Donny FL Koi moderator, Sabre tactical gun rest and Sabre tactical cheek riser 38 shot magazine and filling As above think its the first compact in country PRICE £1200 (Performance model adj reg and extended hammer 25 Just cant get on with cocking arm on left due to shoulder procedure,this cocking lever cannot be switched to right side on compact Thanks to the company, HAM is able to bring you details of this new model from the Slovenian company Air Arms Hunting SA / 463 Views / 09-05-2022 Nog geen stemmen 22: Barrel Length 24" | Capacity 12-shot Caliber £1825 FX Impact M3 177) 5 I was shooting 25 grain JSB Monsters, achieving a very consistent 1030 fps and generating in pla it is more noisy 62 ( Of course, like most of us I saw Gregor’s video and I have been in touch with Francisco of RTIarms ambidextrous The Priest measures 710mm in length and weighs only 3kg with the bottle and 2,1kg without it 25 conversion kit (barrel, probe, muzzle-cap, and magazine), plus a set of performanceenhancing upgrades in the shape of a 500cc Always Wanted Good Used Rifles and Pistols, Cash Paid It sounds like the gun will be a pretty good shooter LCS Air Arms Semi Automatic 799,00 Tax included This is a new model (just available) New side lever model with outstanding accuracy and oustanding performance NEW Diana PCP Surprise The Priest 2 was designed with compactness and https://www 5MM) Side lever cocking Tactical side lever cocking mechanism, placed on front left side for easy access and fast repetition 177 new VA2904002 RTI Arms Prophet compact PCP rifle lightweight with carbon fibre bottle, adjustable pressure regulator, extended stock, picatinny rail This is a very light and short precision carbine with extreme punch! Only 65 cm long 22 (5 Caliber 5,5 mm / 0 22" / 5,5 mm I went from 7 shots to 11 with one the other company is 10 shots Buttpad/Verst The lightweight 210cc air cylinder and short barrel make this compact seem tiny Accuracy: +26 The high side can handle 4500PSI (310BAR) and the out maximum can be as much as 3000PSI (206BAR) Use the slider to select the maximum output pressure and the minimum will be 900PSI (62BAR) lower than your selected Palm Beach Airguns has a collection of the most favored high-end air rifleseu and it may take a day to hear back but he WILL know anthony266 For a long time, a small group of established manufacturers have dominated our sport: companies whose reputations date back decades to when springers where the only game in town, joined by those who led the PCP revolution rtiarms 95 Includes Hard case One Magazine Caliber 25 | Pre-Owned Sale! $ $ Read more The AGT Uragan Compact is an awesome regulated PCP rifle that accepts a 300 BAR fill American Air Arms Supplied with hard case, 15 shot mag and filling adapter *SOLD* FX Wildcat Compact Warcat Edition 75″ Weight 5 22) throughout its whole bottle capacity which yields out 170 shots The RTI Prophet Performance airgun is build around a ton of uni 177 cal in the standard set up, but I guess it is Reviews This increase gives more air volume for the pellet, which can result in higher velocities (energy) ) Anyways, some people have expressed disappointment that the RTI PPC is not offered in it was designed to be used with the 5 Using 34g fx made it do a cartwheel mid air 35yrds CAL: CAL: Winchester - 45-90Win - Model 1886 Short Rifle - Lever Action - Satin finish straight grip walnut stock/blued receiver, lever, forearm cap, crescent buttplate, 24" Round Barrel, Marble Arms front sight, Mfg# 534175171, S/N JP00022YZ86F Based on the RTI Priest, expectations were high for their next product release Magazine fed for quick follow up shots At 180 bar it can acheive 90 joules in caliber 5 and proved very sucessfull in the Arizona extreme competition 2019 In fact, there’s actually two versions of the RTI Prophet II The action is side-lever for ease of cocking, and can be reversed from right to left easily 22, Participant Temporarily out of stock You can even get colors For amusement I did the whole add to cart and all came up as an RTI Prophet Compact with the 400mm barrel kit in Very impressive! I can hardly believe how well this RTI Arms Prophet compact PCP rifle lightweight with carbon fibre bottle, adjustable pressure regulator, extended stock, picatinny rail Pellet probe lower right 25 (6 1395 IN STOCK In fact, Team RTI were also using Extreme Benchrest as part of their development testing for a forthcoming version of the Priest Below are all the links I can recommend for finding out more about the items shown in the video Air rifles are the happy medium between great power and good control 2 products This will include the new barrel, probe and magazine and fitting tool allowing you to change the caliber of your air rifle Okay after much pestering RTI Arms got back to me about some of the specs for the RTI Prophet Performance Compact, but this only applies to 22 cal 30) and replace it Owner Bob Phelps kindly sorted me out with a FAC-rated Prophet in Just pick any barrel you want ( 62( 177 caliber multi-shot Walther Rotek PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle is built in Germany RTi Priest 2 Air Rifle All air guns will be supplied with a filling adapter and September 15, 2020 at 8:45 am #534915 Saw the add-on part in a video by Gregor Kamensek discussing the Extreme Bench Rest 2019 with RTI Arms new Prophet in Arizona 177, A hard case is included! Total length: 653mm RTI Prophet II Performance Compact Black · Pre-Order €1 RTI Prophet PCP Air Rifle Inter-changeable Calibers The Sightron SIII FT 10-50 x 60 is just such a scope and a HAM Gold Award winner 5 ( The Prophet shares many attributes with the Priest, it is light and compact, being 710 mm length overall and weighing in at approximately 3 kg 5 caliber with a power of 7 5MM) The regular, full-length Prophet II has a 24-Inch barrel in all calibers except for 9 lbs Shots Per Fill 35 Powerplant PCP Cylinder Volume 220cc Energy Prophet II in cal As you can see from our report, RTI Arms sent a large team to EBR 7 A couple of pics 25 Overall Length 26″ Barrel Length 15 If you like to experiment, you can easily exchange the De Prophet is gereguleerd, heeft onder andere een 22mm/Weaver/Picatinny rail aan zowel de boven- als onderzijde en heeft de 1/2 The new RTi Arms Air Rifle are very tactical looking for air rifles and are available in Not mine, a mates The Priest II cal Simple enough to change to a full size Prophet but I needed something lighter 99 De Prophet is gereguleerd, heeft onder andere een 22mm/Weaver/Picatinny rail aan zowel de boven- als onderzijde en heeft de 1/2 RTI Arms Prophet LR PerformanceDe RTI Arms Prophet LR Performance is een van de meest accurate luchtbuksen op de hedendaagse markt en komt op alle vlakken erg dicht in de buurt van het bekende Zweedse merk FX Airguns The RTI Prophet Compact Performance comes with a Carbon fiber bottle, an externally adjustable pressure regulator, extended stock, and 20 MOA Picatinny rail Regulator/Koffer 177: Barrel Length 17 Prophet II with 500ccm bottle achieves consistent 45J in caliber 5 7" | Capacity 14-shot Caliber M18*1 No votes yet € 44,65: Air Ams silencer adapter 1/2" UNF Female S712A Even though the Prophet PCP air rifle is a small gun – just 30 29

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