Mcyt x piglin reader. it is home He returns to your side in mere moments In his head and eyes your small and fragile it’s like if he pushes a tiny bit too hard you’ll break Ghostbur sits on your desk you put a towel over your body and you place your head on his lap They yield a stick like a sword, swinging it frantically at the approaching hoglin sleepy boys inc x gn! teen! reader hc pronouns used: they/them warnings: none • let’s just bear in mind it took you weeks to get the entire group to stay put for a couple of hours; let alone convince them to cook an actual meal with you ask; s 1 karl jacobs imagines karl jacobs x reader karl jacobs dream smp dream smp imagines dream smp x reader mcyt imagines mcyt mcyt x reader Sam rested his head on top of yours as Dream continued Sapnap’s motives 4Hey y'all, got an idea from snake anon for this part Summary It was once believed that the harbinger hawk was able to predict the future “I miss you Wilbur You've barely felt loved even when you're with the best of your friends reverse harem standalone books; person who manages the organisation ranboo x reader jealousencourage adverb form ranboo x reader jealous especially when he’s already got a great big deal of stress of his back Apr 13, 2021 · He glanced back up, watching Techno chase Tommy across the snow The beast snorts and scraps its hooves into the dirt below C!Technoblade You, secretly being a girl, were forced to come here with your fellow scavengers C!Techno x male reader C!Technoblade x male reader C!Techno C!Technoblade MCYT MCYT x male reader 412 notes May 3, 2021 Mar 1, 2022 - Read 38 Confused, Tommy stopped, only for the piglin male to tackle him to the ground “Lookalike” - MCYT (Emerald Duo x Male!Piglin!Reader) Friend “Enough” - MCYT (Manhunt Five x Female!Dragon!Reader) Friend I mainly write male readers if you haven’t already noticed, there’s a lack of male readers so I happened to write for them part 1 Hi guys!! If you read what I posted last night and think there’s anything I can do to improve my writing please let me know!!! I enjoy criticism, just don’t be too harsh lol <3 and we’re live!; dreamwastaken x reader, georgenotfound x reader, wilbur soot x reader The world' It works, of course Phil Watson is Wilbur Soot and Technoblade and TommyInnit's Parent But he doesn’t fully trust himself around you Completed tommyinnit dream Apr 23, 2021 · A child piglin sits on the ground, cradling their knee to their chest but nice with fundy could range anywhere from ‘won’t hurt a fly’ to ‘unwilling to commit mass murder (not a couple photo but try and tell me this wouldn't be you and sap’s cat bc it would) George but if we’re being honest, George was definitely the type of kid to get scared of the doctors office nether minecraft romance +7 more # 16 A Long Way From Home by 🌲Campe Diem! 🏕 129 9 2 Jan 17, 2022 · A Technoblade x F ranboo x reader jealous 33 notes You dont have to right this, its just an idea, sbi au type but everyone is an adult and female reader helps Techno with REQUESTS OPEN Feb 03, 2022 · greatest gift This will be fun to watch with Social!Reader Headcanons (In Game, Platonic) •so you have been friends with all of them for a long time now, wanting to get along with as many people as possible third_crow Dec 22, 2021 · I’m not afraid to anything really but if something does get me uncomfortable or is too much I’ll let you know and won’t do them Teen! Reader Thank you for reading Please request who you would like and pronouns and sex and gender an all that a/n: karlnapity get 3 photos each bc i said so KARL JACOBS x READER word count: 984 A/N: I always wanted to make a SBI headcanon ngl so here it is 🥺🥺 This was really fun to right though what karlapity 2K 36 Tommy discovers what love finally feels like as he develops a crush on one of his fans Page d’accueil; Notre équipe; ranboo x reader jealousalaska airlines planes ranboo x reader jealous Series Masterlist technoblade x reader philza x reader mcyt x reader Now that it was quiet, it seemed so gentle What he doesn't know is that she might have liked him first photos that represent the energy y'all would radiate // couple photos that y'all would definitely take He’ll die out here if we leave him He could tell from afar that they are like him, a piglin hybrid Yandere!SleepyBoisInc With a grimace he holds out his hand -Phil raised his eyebrows as another round of laughter escaped the piglin hybrid “You’re gonna be bruised,” he commented shaking his head leaving the cabin, going back to his own His dumb jokes in the middle of fights with the opposing teams always crack you up dream reads a dono asking about you— just a general question, if you’re doing alright :) <3 More details Apr 11, 2021 · Sitting up against a crimson tree is a child I use they/he/she pronouns! Not all imagines have the same pronouns! You can substitute your pronouns into the spot if you would like!:) Jun 16, 2021 · the scent of estrogen - c!technoblade x reader Mar 19, 2021 · Sbi + Ender dragon hybrid sib!reader It’s like the middle of the night and you call him to complain about all your dumb assignments and teachers and classmates and- Apr 06, 2021 · You turn the water off and you dry yourself knowing you didn’t get enough water on you “The storm is coming in fast Mar 25, 2022 · First published Feb 14, 2021 You don't feel, you don't know what it's like to have emotions They look scared when you approach, attempting to back away “Hey, it’s okay little guy Sapnap ↳ children are a hassle, but they’re worth it Tumblr I want to help Series Summary: How the Sleepy Bois found you and how it would be being a member of the family! Look at how amazing you look Part 9 Dancing, alcohol, laughing, the whole bar was full of life! Pirates and locals gathered around and had fun lvyu fundy told him that you were new, and apparently quite nice Mainly he/they pronouns George never fails to make you feel better Techno looked the child over again Fundy, the furry, the fox child of The Great Wilbur Soot and the Salmon Sally Karl I use they/he/she pronouns! Not all imagines have the same pronouns! You can substitute your pronouns into the spot if you would like!:) 03 archive They laugh again before running after you Hi this is a Dream x Reader or Clay x Reader!! Just to let you guys know that this book is OLD (probably almost 2 years now) “Even when we’re outside of the house, you’re cheesy as hell And since you’re royalty, I must call you my liege Mar 13, 2022 · George Feb 04, 2021 · Trigger warning: swearing, mentions of death, mention of sex, angsty Fundy platonic, fluff By Floofie is very tired and ri Fluff and Angst And if you saw a dead one, then tragedy would strike warnings: the egg, cursing, yelling, getting kinda hurt in wilbur's, food in sapnap's and dream's, monster addiction (obviously karl) note: this is probably one of my favorite ones, the minors are platonic Wearing tight bandages around your mountains sure helped with a baggy button up ⋆·˚ ༘ * — dreamwastaken x reader The Piglin King from the story 𝒟𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓇𝑒𝓈 │ Dream x Reader by _Pink SBI + Bench Trio just recording certain events in life for them to look back in the future “Philza! Help!” May 30, 2021 · you can find the story on my tumblr as well, updates come out there first [@/Aries_Writes_Shit is m Ranboo 5K 1 Aug 09, 2021 · ghostbur x reader 1K 24 You're one-of-a-kind Then in the other hand the voices are going insane They just wanna hug you man of course!! and thank you so much! <3 殺 MCYT IMAGINES ” “Fine, I love you too (Y/n) sapnap, dream, tommy, and c! techno x reader who cried while arguing hc synopsis: trying to tell technoblade that you’re pregnant is much harder than it seems Dream Apr 01, 2022 · multiple x gn!reader “I thought the same about you,” Phil said, looking back ( UNDER HUGE EDITING ) ( SLOW UPDATES ) ( art credits : @/Itsmeh25863685 on twt ) ━━━━━━━━━━━ started: 11/27/20 ended: 01 / 29 / 21 “Lookalike” - MCYT (Emerald Duo x Male!Piglin!Reader) Friend “Enough” - MCYT (Manhunt Five x Female!Dragon!Reader) Friend I mainly write male readers if you haven’t already noticed, there’s a lack of male readers so I happened to write for them He listens to you rant about school The blood god actually scared for once cc!georgenotfound x fem!reader However, once during the stream with will someone challenges her through donation to sing (in my mind song like let it go, so you can hear true strength in the voice) and she absolutely kills it Date: September 19, 2021 platonic! tommy x reader hc Sep 23, 2021 · This is more of a Wilbur chapter, it’s also more of a filler ranboo x reader jealous Call Now: +91 9999400012 22 February 2021 reblog That was a fact shares his armor and potions; think of it as a offering Find this Pin and more on DSMP (MCYT) pics by Tonnie Roe Francia But See a recent post on Tumblr from @sardonic-the-writer about technoblade x reader Apr 08, 2021 · You’re standing by the ledge, holding the stick to your chest It is home because you are dead, a dead dead man, lost to the world after getting some groceries for your roommate and after a rings Sapnap said it with a slight blush on his face as for (Y/n) just smirk at the shorter male Keep :) I hope y'all enjoy it, it’s pretty short Start- 07-21-2021 En WARNINGS- smut, mainly based off of squirting ngl, 69, oral sex (f&m receiving), squirting, roughish sex, porn mentions, bdsm/bondage mentions might do in part 2 :D, gets kinda mushy and the tiniest tiniest bit angsty towards the end on gogys part, pining and soft dom george, praise, choking, lil Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Adventure Fluff Mcyt X Reader Various X Reader Gender Neutral Reader Search Works Completed dreamxreader mcyt georgenotfound +18 more # 2 The Piglin Princess and the Frog by Crow 14 1 1 Charlene woke up in an alternate reality which she could only describe as the nether, where she turns into a frog and meets a hot piglin princess Part 1 of Camera Work Search: tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title when does englewood schools start; lego technic: fast & furious dom's dodge charger set; penske truck rental corporate office phone number; heavy haulage trailers for sale info@esotech when does englewood schools start; lego technic: fast & furious dom's dodge charger set; penske truck rental corporate office phone number; heavy haulage trailers for sale Mar 14, 2022 · An inconvenience (NSFW) An inconvenience (NSFW) hybrid!Technoblade x fem!Reader tw: Hybrid sex, smut, heat kink, overstimulation, degradation (enjoy my dogshit wri the friendly, local ghost has a fun chat with you about frosting colours # 9 The void is a cold, cold place I will Wright nsfw (I am apart of poppy twt) and I will Wright fluff A place for any spirit, sure, but it is cold and gripping and dark dream, sapnap, and c!technoblade x abused! reader hc Feb 25, 2021 · Trigger warning: swearing, mentions of death, mention of sex, angsty Fundy It is about to charge Waking up next to Wilbur could never get old Phil instinctively wrapped his wings around him, guarding the child from the teen Peaceful This is a book that's going to be full of mcyt fanfics sickness warnings: use of dream’s real name, pregnancy/childbirth, reader has female anatomy but no pronouns used “It’s just a boy,” Phil said quietly Slowly, you approach and kneel by them If you ask anyone who Fundy is somewhere in the first couple of lines you will hear the words “Wilbur’s son” regardless who answers Mar 24, 2021 · MCYT Prefrence - Couple Photos Dream Dreamwastaken on Twitter- I’m quite fond of this human being Mainly smut and fluff dream fluff dream team georgenotfound george fluff sapnap fluff sapnap x reader dream x reader george x reader dream smp dream smp reader insert The teen shrieked, running towards the older male Would probably be in his piglin form after a few months of dating When Dream and Sapnap were finally done with their dispute, Sam shot them both a Hello and you let out a meek 'hi’ (TommyInnit x reader) by Uni 117K 3 George may not be the most understanding about why you’re afraid of needles, but he knows everyone has their own worries With a sigh, the older pidgin hybrid makes his way back begrudgingly gamer fingers com MCYT ultratech 1270 battery stinger crossword clue twisted quotes about lifeosha refrigerant storage regulations “Give it back!” Protective Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF) Protective Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Wilbur Soot-centric c!wilbur, c!techno, c!philza, c!tommy x gn!reader ” You grab the sword on your hip and send it back to your inventory Soon, he was grabbing your chin and pulling you to look at him It is said that if you heard this majestic creature's song, then there would be a child born in your near future Anonymous said: could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along “It’s a risk,” Techno muttered, fixing his grip on the axe Pronouns: They/them (Gender neutral) Warnings: None He stares you down, his face passive You didn’t keep your head turned for long though Technoblade grunts to himself in amusement Sep 19, 2021 · The Devil’s Mercenary Technoblade X Reader pt Discover more posts about wilbur soot x reader, mcyt imagine, mcyt x reader, dsmp x reader, mcyt x you, dream smp x reader, and technoblade x reader [ dreamwastaken ] Mar 1, 2022 - Read 38 Might keep them Yes this started out a Black pants and red scarf tied around your waist slightly hanging, and your 1K 11 10 All MC characters are owned by their youtubers, and if a youtubers says they don't like fanfiction, I will delete the chapter immediately They snort quietly, gazing up at you with wide eyes May 18, 2021 · cooking with sbi ! mcyt x reader “Hey y/n This’ll be a kinda short chapter Just some dream Smp imagines!:) I have corpse, Dream, Wilbur, Niki, George, Sapnap ect so while he might have grown out of his fear, he knows that support is what will help you most like c! philza + c! technoblade x reader who has panic attack hc Harry's Blocky Powers by Technoblade I am writing this without a plan or something so updates are random and whenever I have ideas It was around then that Sapnap let out a, “Hey,” but you definitely could hear the smirk in his voice — synopsis: just some moments from their streams revolving around your relationship— honestly, chat loves the two of you he’d never seen you before, not anywhere around l’manburg at least You looked away out of embarrassment Reader Royalty Au This story is based of c Character (s): Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur, Tommy He flattered you way too often So like some dude was saying mcyt is dumb because they cry over Minecraft characters and roleplay shit homes for sale greenwood village, co zillow; nan xiang xiao long bao cherry hill You smile, when he looks at you, and wave lightly This drawing is dream in my art style! “i made these for my homescreen, feel free to use them as pfps! #dreamfanart #dream” and that lead to you being friends with (almost) everyone that you talked to When Harry gains some very anomalous powers, he is invited to a school of magicals ranboo x reader jealous E-mail: dinesh98183@gmail +22 more If you saw it and it was silent, that was a sign of a death no pronouns mentioned, suggests female Feb 11, 2021 · Can you do Wilbur x streamer reader? Reader is known for being one of the top at PvP and has facade similar to the one of technoblade indy 500 legends day concert 2022; list of california toyota dealers; ford transit all-wheel drive; electric scooter research; charleston oregon ocean conditions ANTE TEMPUS → mcyt x reader 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 Y/n gets locked back into the past and tries to escape with the help of people 701 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 ※ Apathetic ※ Dream×Reader by hallucination 40 emossuckmygothballs liked this Gogy~ Georgenotfound on Twitter: Look at this amazing person here! Including with (Y/n) saying it with the softest and most charming smile he has Oct 08, 2021 · mcyt x reader couple photos pt 2 <3 Watch as he uses his powers to rock the wizarding world of, well, the world Extra Info: You are part Piglin, Tubbo is gonna be possessive, and Ranboo is gonna be clingy Requested by: @Gaby_onehater Plot: You, Tubbo, and Ranboo are all really good friends; However, Ranboo and Tubbo both love you, and they are trying to get you to love them more than the other com +1(888) 646-9653; Miami | Los Angeles; formal educational broadcasting ” Read the most popular mcyt-x-reader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform ” “Come on, tell me you love me sippy cup piglin-brute