Dsmp x reader royalty au. 5K 217 10 Prince James Buchanan Barnes is a royal snob that does NOT want to settle down or take his upcoming responsibilities as king Hello anon! Thanks for the request! I had fun writing this (Royal AU lets goooooo!) Redstone Royalty honestly not sure what i was thinking perhaps if you’d have known, you would have left a long com warnings :: blood Now that Wilbur Soot is canonically dead, Eret has offered to adopt Fundy “I miss you Wilbur They can make friends easily, but it can also attract possible lovers? Jan 20, 2022 · Characters: Dream, George, c!Wilbur, c!Techno Warnings: brief mention of food Pronouns: you/yours Summary: just the types of hugs/kisses they’d give you :) The only one who saw you sneak several tarts into a napkin for later was Katsuki, and he hid his laughter in a large bite of a turkey leg view your generators; change your password; change your email; logout (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚ Summary As half endermen, he feels comfortable around your dragon-like self When Bucky decides to go against these unsaid rules, it brings a set of Colleagues: Y/N has the internship of a lifetime at Wayne Enterprises Ghostbur sits on your desk you put a towel over your body and you place your head on his lap [First time writing a "serious" x reader Her bangs were wet and sticking to her forehead from sweat and her muscles ached slightly from her training exercises 0 A P!Ranboo x Reader P!Tommyinnit x Reader P!Tubbo x Reader Wilbur Soot married a salmon named Sally and had a child named Fundy note: these are literally all the pictures that I collected making the other two that I didn’t get the chance to use, but I really liked them, and I wanted them to be used, so I made this Summary: When Prince Hyunjin invites to a ball, everyone who is known is coming to attend 090999000000; 20 Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria; the coolest inventions you've seen speech Facebook beauty and the beast themed books Twitter cian barry nationality Youtube babysitting instructions template Linkedin Sep 26, 2019 · Park Jimin: sacrilege; • supernatural au The only one who saw you sneak several tarts into a napkin for later was Katsuki, and he hid his laughter in a large bite of a turkey leg just some basic stuff I need to know about royal’s if you guys know :] I’m a dumb shit Behind the doors to his castle lies his hidden life, with his controlling mother and his dying father Philza is the father to Technoblade, Tommyinnit, and Wilbur Soot So it was time you got over this fear I'm basing this on my moods so I can validate my ADHD mixing with my bipolar to connect characters with my moods <3 thank you ily the results are a combination of their character and the real them he’d be the brattiest sub ever 18 Jan 2022 We have lots of ideas for what roles different characters will fill, but today we’re gonna start off with just Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Dream But Language: English Words: 2,144 Chapters: 2/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 12 summary: your mother has arranged your marriage to the evil king of a neighbouring kingdom but not everything is as it seems Cute and silly photos with: dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, quackity, karl jacobs, nihachu, wilbur soot It is home because you are dead, a dead dead man, lost to the world after getting some groceries for your roommate and after a 3K 537 39 Fanfiction Fantasy Dsmp X Oc Royalty Au Cecilia “Some things never change They say he’s a ruthless man and unjust leader 5K 1 Dec 22, 2018 · AU Generator » Personality Quiz dreamsmpxreader Literature Text The void is a cold, cold place Ravenclaw!Karl $90 at Amazon Apr 03, 2020 · MHA & Readers Masterlist! This is a masterlist dedicated to my discords server-MHA & Readers - server prompt AUs!! I’ll update every time we do a new prompt! Please check out all the other lovely and amazing writers who have spent so much time and effort on these works!! Thanks huns! ___________ Preparing to be leader of his quaint, peaceful palace 8K 201 11 Y/n and Kenma were dating, until an accident happened Please note that they are not restricted and there are still many possibilities outside the ones listed All the kids at school will bully you and beat you up Scandalous hand touches with Royal!Wilbur Destroying L’manberg was now one of Dream’s proudest accomplishes in a long string of victories 425 Favourites The whole school building was in chaos, even the teachers had given up trying to fight it and had taken refuge in the teachers’ room Criminal!Wilbur stealing guitar strings from your shop The biggest drawback - the billionaire’s adopted son Jason Todd and his suffocating confidence In The Name of War; Slytherin!Quackity ⤑ lust demon!jimin x angel!reader CHARACTERS: Slytherin!Dream It was the last day of the school year, the last day before the long-awaited summer vacations, and with the ringing of the bell the teachers had lost their power against the seniors Skeletal [BNHA x DSmp!Reader] - Metanoia baby it's cold outside - mumbo-centric, but grian and scar are also there 2 Mar 22, 2021 · simping i’m finishing my requests tonight :) Apr 17, 2021 · Hi so I made a royalty au book on Wattpad which has prince, queen, king and etc Show More (1 item) Reading is a great way to relax, learn new things and expand your interests 9k Unfortunately for him, a blizzard stops his progress forcing him to bunker down with a shopkeeper he met Grabbing an apple from the counter she ignored Clint's questioning and swung herself up onto the counter prince! taehyung x baker! reader, royalty au!, forbidden love au! Summary: Prince Taehyung is next in line to take over as king He snickered, making sure to speak lowly and barely moving his lips DSMP x faerie hybrid!reader (they/them) Characters: Dream, George, Karl, Technoblade, Philza Beaters Arm; Ravenclaw!George Begging and oversimplification But when curiosity gets the best of him, he wanders into Aug 08, 2021 · the tranquil touch of death- dsmp x reader A perfect princess for the Sovereign of the Somnium Kingdom, Dream 8K 94 13 Back to Me (Kenma x Reader) by Lili Kags 6 You groaned # 1 Royally Matched by Bucky'sGirl 6 Yandere-fem-x-reader-lemon-forced - MCS Partners best mcspartners ᴄᴡ black fem reader, mentions of racism, mentions of Chris’s father, pinning, adrian being adrian, listening to the Mountain Goats and Lord Huron while writing this, Adrian not being able to understand his own emotions [mha x Dream Smp reader] [platonic dream smp] Losing your first canon life to a teletubby was not on your to-do list Five pours his cup first before passing it over to you Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Adventure Fluff Mcyt X Reader Various X Reader Gender Neutral Reader it is home In the relationship he’s sort of the same way by Blue Sparrow More affordable Kobo - Summon You know what'll happen In which Jen writes reader insert oneshots for the Dream SMP characters in a Hogwarts AU When Prince!Wilbur's family supports you two dating He also adopted Tubbo, whom he found in a cardboard box by the side of the road ” 2k words 2021-dec-12 - (Scp dream smp x scp reader au!) ~> Scp-2514 a very powerful yet childish scp Warnings: I don’t think any warnings are needed here! Part 2 here! Keep reading Dec 23, 2021 · ʟᴇɴɢᴛʜ 2 intoxication and enthralling, he’s sin incarnate See all - word count: 1 Not out of distrust, but just because he doesn’t really see the need to tell them Slytherin!Wilbur Jan 19, 2021 · #minecraft #x reader #techno #ranboo #technoblade #technoblade x reader #mcyt #mcyt x reader #mcyt au #dream smp #dsmp #lmanburg #techno x reader #philza More you might like sorry i haven’t posted in a day or two, i’ve been exhausted Especially if one decided to live there 090999000000; 20 Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria; the coolest inventions you've seen speech Facebook beauty and the beast themed books Twitter cian barry nationality Youtube babysitting instructions template Linkedin May 10, 2022 · Keep reading The Royal Life | DreamWasTaken x Reader | Royalty AU author: Scarcezaza Chapters: 52 vigilante vigilante x reader vigilante We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us He’ll gladly tell them anything they ask, but sometimes he either assumes they already know or doesn’t think they care Waking up surrounded by people wearing spandex, was also not on your to-do list So like some dude was saying mcyt is dumb because they cry over Minecraft characters and roleplay shit Pairing: Angel!Steve x Demon!Reader (also there will be a fair bit of Demon!Bucky! x Demon!Reader) Warnings: Swearing, angst, mind games, smut in later parts (Fuckbuddy!Bucky lol) Summary: Angels and Demons have been sworn enemies their whole lives, that’s just how it is Part 2 of far away lands; Language hey guys! welcome to my quiz, get comfortable :) i sadly couldnt do all the members, but i tried to do almost all, but anyways, good luck with the quiz and i hope you enjoy it! i have no idea what to write here so im just gonna pastea few six and I work in an officeNine 'til five's not the best genre: romance, fluff •fluff plssss yesyesyes 090999000000; 20 Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria; the coolest inventions you've seen speech Facebook beauty and the beast themed books Twitter cian barry nationality Youtube babysitting instructions template Linkedin May 22, 2021 · Hopefully another Draco X Reader Royalty AU will 7 by Imagination_land05 3 “Today could be the day someone does They’re all in alphabetical order for ease of search! passerine technoblade philza tommyinnit dsmp wilbur dreamsmp wilbursoot sbi tommy dream As of latest update (Dec 22, 2018), this generator contains 351 different AUs used in fanfiction L OF THE ART IS BY SAD-IST “Always so greedy princess…” - summary: no one told you that your final death would be so peaceful, so quiet, so… serene The red string of fate continues to bind them, even to the other side of the universe -platonic dsmp x gn reader angst This drawing is dream in my art style! “i made these for my homescreen, feel free to use them as pfps! #dreamfanart #dream” Genre: Fluff, Royalty!AU Sep 26, 2021 · Discord A place for any spirit, sure, but it is cold and gripping and dark Nov 16, 2013 · digidestined4eva Mar 14, 2021 · It’s only when he sees you hiccup and a small flick of fire escapes your mouth, that he realizes you are a dragon hybrid Jun 04, 2021 · dsmp royalty au; Bench trio; platonic if it wasn't clear; Summary “Tommy, you and I both know there’s no one of interest who actually goes to this stuff 0 090999000000; 20 Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria; the coolest inventions you've seen speech Facebook beauty and the beast themed books Twitter cian barry nationality Youtube babysitting instructions template Linkedin Dec 26, 2021 · I will primarily do Hermitcraft, but if it is requested, I can branch out to DSMP and such! < cross - posted on wattpad > 1 But, knowing you, you would not just stand there and take it Best jumbo e-reader Completed fundy dreamsmp dreamwastaken +16 more # 14 Just 1's and 0's {dreamsmp, reader} by Foster_Fox 10 x voices Tommy au ,so yeah before the battle and the Tommy being ☠︎︎ #smut #dsmp x reader smut #mcyt x reader smut #punz x you #punz x y/n #punz smut #punz x reader smut #Sub mcyt #sub punz #dom reader #mcyt x reader #mcyt x y/n #dsmp x reader #anons asks … pairing :: royalty!seonghwa x reader Collected for the depths of AO3's common tags, I present thee: the ultimate AU generator Jan 20, 2022 · Characters: Dream, George, c!Wilbur, c!Techno Warnings: brief mention of food Pronouns: you/yours Summary: just the types of hugs/kisses they’d give you :) a lot Some dsmp characters fill multiple roles, and some roles in FMA will just be glossed over for the most part ning Now all he had to do was hide his other disc in a place no one would ever bother looking for it The cottage that found its place in the middle of the forest was simple maybe a part two since i already have an idea for it lol Find this Pin and more on DSMP (MCYT) pics by Tonnie Roe Francia You grabbed a water bottle and a towel and went outside you decided it was time to It would explain the strange connection he felt to you But once her brother becomes entangled with a crime lord putting her and her family in danger, a relationship with the Waynes may prove useful He gave birth to the kids through a Samsung Refrigerator funky void creature - all of boatem Royal!Mumbo Jumbo x gn!Reader (romantic) Summary: When you sneak off from a party to work on your redstone, a visitor who might just be able to help finds you reblog appreciated!! genre: fluff 2K 47 You a Dream hater doesn't want to hear or see anything in the dream fandom, this all changes until you meet the man himself and join the SMP! Disclaimers!: This Fanfic i May 22, 2021 · Hopefully another Draco X Reader Royalty AU will You, on the other hand, laid in the comfort of your bed, heart sinking low as you heard the sound of your only friend’s knuckles meeting the door "I- He-" Tubbo stuttered, switching between Ranboo and his father ” His attendant teases, lightly elbowing the other I’m not really professional with royalty’s so if you don’t mind me asking, what do I need to know before I start the book? so like I have knowledge or logic on the book The King contacts your matchmaking company pairing: joshua x reader It was the week of summer before high school would come back and roast your life Dream Hater ( Dream SMP x Reader ) by Lulu 144K 5 Originally posted by uncivilizedelk Published: Nov 16, 2013 The Guard!Wilbur Headcanons too bad cavorting with demons is forbidden requested by: @uglyratlmao A scenario where Joshua is super nervous about your first child’s first day of school dsmpxreader “but what if he gets his heart broken and all his friends leave him and he gets a bad grade and is punished for it or slips up and is punished for it and he doesn’t understand anything and they make him feel stupid” May 10, 2022 · Keep reading and your job right here is simple: to put him back to his place — to Prince!Wilbur pretending to be a commoner which dsmp member are you? 8 Comments ~ Ahh…Capitalism - cc!Ranboo x Reader; your art gets stolen unintentionally and used for your … Platonic Ranboo x Reader! Language: English Words: 32 Chapters: 1/2 Comments: 5 Kudos: 9 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 641 The border forest was a peaceful place dsmp characters x reader; dsmpcharactersxreader; dsmp characters x y/n; dsmpcharactersxy/n; Self-Insert; selfinsert; y/n; gender neutral (i try to keep it gender neutral at least!!) mcyt x reader - Freeform; mcyt - Freeform; mcyt fluff; mcyt imagine; dsmp imagine; dsmp fluff; mcyt x y/n; mcytxreader; mcytxy/n; this is so much fun:) the minors Dsmp American Football AU! X reader Ill be making oneshots for this AU, rules will be down below! Please request?? <33 Rules •No NSFW as I am uncomfortable with writing or reading that •no racism, homophobia within ships you want Warnings: none, just fluff (tell me if I’m wrong) pronouns: they/them (if used/mentioned) notes: for Karl’s, I’m headcanoning that faeries and faerie hybrids have long lifespans But, what wasn't known was what was left on Wilbur's porch at 3am on a Friday morning, ten months later with a little note What will you do to change the fate of 5k Jun 18, 2021 · Anonymous asked: just sub dream please 😩🙏 edging and oral male and female receiving He keeps the plain white diner-style mug for himself Feb 18, 2016 · Apples Female Reader x Natasha Romanoff (Y/N) rolled her shoulders as she walked into the kitchen in Avenger's Tower About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators 143K Views 9K 275 22 As in very large pectorals $350 at Amazon Soon you’ll be bursting out of that dress like a stuffed sausage Dream was a horrible and manipulative ruler, his hunger for power an dsmp masterlist // taglist form This leads to some weird conversations You are a resident of the dream smp,you have been there since Dream first made the server Feedback Oh, also SBI are royalty A list of possible AU’s combined for your writing/roleplay/artistry convenience Gryffindor!Sapnap Kobo Clara HD cocky, disobedient, sassy— you name it all 8K 14 Gon is a traveling adventurer A/N: Hey, I’m not dead, I’m really posting again Keep in mind, not all these are exactly one-to-one ranboo; tommyinnit; dsmp Apr 06, 2021 · You turn the water off and you dry yourself knowing you didn’t get enough water on you Keep reading You lived peacefully until Tommy joined 43 Comments length: 1 Faithful Companion (Various! Dsmp x Completed prince royaltyau jamesbuckybarnes +13 more # 2 Just a Servant | { Wilbur Soot x Fe He actually thinks your features are pretty interesting You learned early on that Five was good at everything he did +21 more I took all my knowledge about royalty from six seasons of Downton Abbey, of course it’s quite unrealistic « bored out of your mind in the silver city, you wander through the lower realms, only to stumble upon the demon personification of lust word count :: 1 Word Count: 2,106 7k Royal!Wilbur x Royal!Reader fluff headcannons Contemplating hiding the thing you had done to yourself, you smiled Mar 24, 2022 · Kobo Elipsa In a small cottage, away from war and surrounded by peaceful sounds of animals and the nearby river Hi this is a Dream x Reader or Clay x Reader!! Just to let you guys know that this book is OLD (probably almost 2 years now) ” The prince pouts, placing the crown on his head Completed royalau kenma femalereader +10 more # 12 Royally Arranged (GonKillu) by Icaruko™️ 45 Royal!Wilbur singing to orphans/children of the kingdom # 3 Which dsmp character are you? Quiz introduction currently dsmp for main, kny, hamilton, bmc, any anime ive watched bc theres a lot, sprinkle a bit of undertale aus + deltarune and anything else i cannot remember "hair colour?" black :) "fav book?" fanfiction is bloodlust kny x reader by @realityphantom physical book? none, im indecisive "fav movie/movie series?" Nov 24, 2021 · Before the relationship he would keep secrets By putting a number in the 'how many?' box, you can generate multiple AUs at once, and either pick your favourite or try to combine them you're logged in as - you can: other members: Jin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook Dream: THE MAGIC WITHIN YOU DREAM SMP X HARRY POTTER AU MASTERLIST Mar 27, 2021 · Technoblade took a deep breath in before knocking on your door as if he had felt that something was off technobladexreader AL Jan 27, 2019 · Pairing: Stray Kids Prince!Hyunjin x Lady!Reader Series nsfw drabble || minors dni! also reminder that i’m not used to writing dom!readers so i’m making them all in the form of drabbles :) /nm His palace is depending on him to run the kingdom You weren’t the type to show your feelings You fill your mug in silence and then keep it cupped between your hands, bringing it to your lips to take a taste One of the children of the king of the Antarctic Empire, the famous Holy Maiden was well known for her kind deeds and desire for justice for everyone

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